Total Cheat’s Bread – Oat & Marmite Crust

This is my Marmite and Oat Crust bread….  looks fab and tasted fab but I have to admit to being a total cheat…

marmite and oat bread

I was in a rush (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) so headed to the larder for a packet mix, I keep a host of bread packet mixes in case of visitors, as the whole thing is much quicker from dry ingredients to cooked treat than making bread from scratch.

We don’t buy any bought bread at all any more, as I make my own every other day.  We once saw a TV programme about the enhancers in shop bought bread being chicken feathers (YUK!) and have not bought bread since!  Anyway, as I was saying, I decided to rustle up a quick loaf from a packet mix, it was Oat and Linseed Bread (from Wrights).

I’d watched Paul Hollywood the night before making an oat crust bread and thought, hmm… I have oats in the cupboard I could decorate this loaf and make it look ‘home made’  not that I’d ever lie of course!!!  To stick my oats to my uncooked bread I decided to use Marmite, I thinly spread Marmite over my loaf, sprinkled Oats all over the top and patted them on.

After leaving to rise for 30 minutes, then cooking for another 30 the bread was truly scrumptious, the Marmite was a subtle salty hit.

I’m rather a bread making fan so please check my blog regularly for my bread recipes.

3 thoughts on “Total Cheat’s Bread – Oat & Marmite Crust

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