Meal Planning Monday

Monday has rolled around again, and this week it signals a dieting week.  breadmakerI’ve had a terrible hacking cough and have been sucking sweets constantly all week, consequentially I have put on half a stone!

So a rather saintly and frugal meal planning Monday will follow:

Monday – Scrambled Egg on Toast

Tuesday – Honey Mustard Chicken on a bed of curly Kale

Wednesday – Slow Cooked Beef and a raft of vegetables

Thursday – Beans on Toast

Friday – We’re off out to an American Diner for my birthday so will try to ignore the chips and desserts!

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Is that all you’re eating all week?? I do the 5:2 but having lost 11lbs I now do 600-700 on my fasting days, still lose weight but slower which is fine. Hope you’re feeling better by your birthday & happy birthday! x

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