Cabbage and Sweet Potato Soup

Also known in this house as 167 kCal soup….

I’m doing the 5:2 diet and in my first week have lost 2lbs, so not much but at least it’s a loss….  I found this recipe in a 5:2 recipe book from eBay, and it is truly delicious, I can’t believe it’s so low cal….

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Soup

167 kcals per serving (makes four servings)


In a saucepan, add a teaspoon of oil to cook two chopped onions and two cloves of garlic, also chop two rashers of lean bacon and add to pan.  Add a pinch of salt. Then chop two parsnips and add, and add 500g (two large) chopped sweet potatoes, add 1.5 pints of vegetable stock (I just used a chicken Oxo cube actually).  Boil until soft.


Use a blender to blend half the ingredients and add back to the pan.


Then chop a small savoy cabbage and simmer until soft.


Split into four portions – and freeze ones you don’t need until required.



Fairy Cakes….. who doesn’t love them?

I don’t like the American ‘fashion’ for cupcakes much, I prefer nice, English Fairy Cakes myself!

Today I made the basic mix, by stirring in 125g butter (recipes say unsalted but life is too short to go looking…) 100g Castor Sugar ( I always use less sugar than a recipe says) and two eggs, mix all this into a batter.

eggs and butter and sugarThen add 125g SR Flour and mix. I’ll now admit I don’t sift either, I am such a slutty cook!


Add to paper cases, and bake on 200 degrees (Gas 6) for about 20 minutes.

DSC08036Now if I recall one thing from Mrs Breakspeare (cookery teacher at Manor Farm) I learnt that you add mix into cake cases carefully to avoid any spills of mix up the sides of the case.  Ensuring your finsihed items are neat and tidy.

DSC08041I made some butter icing and decorated with that plus Dolly Mixtures.


Do be aware though, that if you leave these cakes in a tin for a few days, then the Dolly Mixtures go a little soft to the touch, but I doubt they will last that long!DSC08042