About Spish

Around ten years ago I was working in Hertford in a busy publishing house, we socialised and worked together – work hard, play hard and all that.

At the time, I was quite stressed and used to get a nervous tummy… although still managed to down my fair share of drinks when we all went out!  One evening we’d piled into Maccy D’s before we went out to a bar, and I ordered a hamburger and small fries – now we all know how tiddly small a Maccy D’s hamburger is, I ate 2/3’s and had a bit of a tummy ache so gave it to my friends husband to finish off.

He said “Spish!  We’re going to call you Spish!”

“Eats like a Sparrow, but drinks like a fish!”

… and the name has stuck, ten years on, I no longer drink like a fish I am happy to say!  Although the nervous tummy has more or less left me, meaning I can eat more than a Sparrow, this does mean I now battle with my weight.


Since then, I’ve moved house, moved town, moved jobs, changed partners, lost my dad, then lost my mum, changed jobs again, moved house again ….  My therapy and hobby during all the mayhem of life has been my kitchen dabblings.

I own many recipe books and clippings that I use (and reinvent the recipes), I have an excellent book from the 1930’s from my mum which contains things like Sheeps Head Broth – we won’t be cooking that type of thing on here!

I’ve also discovered a recipe book my sister began compiling from mum’s cooking tips when she was a teenager, and that will certainly pop up on the site from time to time.

My cooking is not confined to the kitchen, I enjoy the odd BBQ recipe or two and also my ‘other kitchen’ is a little galley on our river boat, it’s tight for space, you can’t just pop to the shops for something fresh and the experience can be a challenge, so the recipes are much more inventive!

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