Snickers Muffins

These great for a packed lunch muffins are easy to make and even easier to eat!

When my dad died, I catered for his wake, he loved puddings and sweet things, so I did all puddings and cakes with no savouries at all in his honour!  These muffins, along with my Eton Mess went down a storm.  They are from the Nigella Lawson Domestic goddess book but with my own amends to the recipe;

You will need:

250g SRFlour

5 tbls Dark Brown Sugar

1.5 tsp Baking Powder

6 tbls Crunchy (Sugar Free) Peanut Butter

60g Melted butter

1 large egg

175ml Milk

3 x Snickers bars (about 60g each)

Muffin cases and tin

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees (Gas 6)

Stir the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt together, then add the peanut butter and rub into a course crumb.


Add melted butter and egg to the milk, pour into mix and stir.


Cut Snickers into 1cm pieces and stir in. Add to muffin cases. Bake for 20 mins and cool before eating….if you can!


Sticky Chicken

When I first started dating my partner, this was the first ever meal I cooked for him, it’s ‘my signature dish’ if you like.  Tonight’s dinner, after walking the dog for six miles, then tidying the garden all afternoon (the sun was out all day we had to make the most of it!) was Sticky Chicken.

He mowed the lawns whilst I made the dinner.  This is how I make my Sticky Chicken….


Chicken pieces (you can make a veggie version by using the Quorn pieces that are shaped like Chicken, which makes a lovely meal)

Dark Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Malt Vinegar, Tomato Ketchup, Chilli Powder, Garlic (Optional), Fresh Ginger, Golden Syrup, Mixed Herbs, Onion and Pineapple pieces (Optional).

What to do

Take a large wok and add a little olive oil, take your ginger and garlic if using and grate into the oil and cook through.DSC07981

Roughly chop an onion and add, cook through, then chop up chicken pieces and add to wok to cook.  I usually cover with a lid and cook slowly whilst I make the sauce.



In a jug mix, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 4 tablespoons of Dark Soy Sauce, and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce.


Add a good glug of Tomato Ketchup – say around 5 tablespoons, a teaspoon of chilli powder, a teaspoon of mixed herbs, finally add in 2 large tablespoons of Golden Syrup and mix thoroughly.


Take the lid off the cooking chicken and add the sauce, coating the chicken really well.  Although the chicken is nearly cooked at this point, I usually let it cook on a medium heat for a further 2o minutes with the sauce, so the sauce can become sticky and gooey!  (allowing me time to make chips in my Actifry!)


Around five minutes before serving, you can add some pineapple chunks to the cooking mixture.  It a real sweet comfort food, and one to get quite messy with, so have serviettes ready just in case!