Cabbage and Sweet Potato Soup

Also known in this house as 167 kCal soup….

I’m doing the 5:2 diet and in my first week have lost 2lbs, so not much but at least it’s a loss….  I found this recipe in a 5:2 recipe book from eBay, and it is truly delicious, I can’t believe it’s so low cal….

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Soup

167 kcals per serving (makes four servings)


In a saucepan, add a teaspoon of oil to cook two chopped onions and two cloves of garlic, also chop two rashers of lean bacon and add to pan.  Add a pinch of salt. Then chop two parsnips and add, and add 500g (two large) chopped sweet potatoes, add 1.5 pints of vegetable stock (I just used a chicken Oxo cube actually).  Boil until soft.


Use a blender to blend half the ingredients and add back to the pan.


Then chop a small savoy cabbage and simmer until soft.


Split into four portions – and freeze ones you don’t need until required.



Disaster Strikes…..

After receiving the Paul Hollywood ‘Bread’ book for my birthday I was inspired by Sourdough.

So armed with my grapes, well I could not find organic so had to use Tesco ones, and flour…..OK so I couldn’t find strong white flour in the cupboard as we only really use wholemeal for baking…..  (this has disaster written all over it doesn’t it?) – the tepid water I used was exactly that, but that was the only thing that mirrored the recipe.


Anyway read on and see what happened… Chop up into little pieces about 7 grapes (organic ones!!)DSC08028

Then mix 300ml of tepid water and 300g of strong white bread flour into a batter like paste, stir in the grapes, and add to a Kilner Jar, big enough for it to grow inside.DSC08027


Pop the jar in a warm place for about three days, I used the conservatory.

DSC08030However, as a conservatory goes chilly overnight I needed a new spot, we don’t have an airing cupboard and our lovely air conditioned house gets rather chilly overnight, just the way we like it for sleep….  not conducive to sourdough though….

After your three days you takeout half the mix and disguard and add in more batter (100ml of water and 100g of flour mixed together) as food for your yeast mix.  I knew when I did this to mine all was not well, as it had seperated a little.

I’m sure my lack of temperature and also maybe using wholemeal flour too did not help my forray into sourdough, so alas, after the fourth day I rolled out the dough, attempted to rise it (it didn’t really) and then baked my ‘flat bread’.  It was going to be a little treat for my feathered friends….

DSC08081They loved it!

DSC06110I’ll try again in the summer with white flour to see if I can conquer sourdough!

Miss Messy


This is my messy recipe book, it’s years old and I am almost ashamed of it!  Except it’s been with me since childhood and has so many memories within, I’ll never throw it away and rewrite them all out.

I made a Rogan Josh last night with naan bread, check back tomorrow for the recipes and photos!

Quick – The sun is out… finally!

Goodness me, if we’ve not had a weekend of sunshine and temperatures in double figures no less!

So of course, we want an impromptu picnic.  One we can pack up in an instant if the rain decides to come back.

I quickly got to work on a Paul Hollywood Ciabatta recipe – shown here – Ciabatta

Then – before rising I folded in some chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped olives and also some finely chopped peppers that were alos in the Olive Jar.  Using the olive oil fromthe jar to make the Ciabatta and oil tha pan so it was extre olivey…..

Later that afternoon we ventured out to the park with bread and olives and a little champagne – bring on the summer!!



Meal Planning Monday

I’ve just seen a little Meme over on The Singing Mummy‘s page and thought I’d join in….

So plans for this week are as follows:

Monday – Lamb Rogan Josh, need to get marinading shortly….

Tuesday – Off out to Buddies to celebrate hubby’s birthday!

Wednesday – Chilli and Rice, having just discovered he likes Chilli, the boy and me will be cooking together this evening.  He loves chopping!  (He’s 11)

Thursday – Let’s go Mexican with Enchiladas, with corn on the cob!

Friday – This is where I make an admisssion, every Friday a group of friends get together, three couples in total and frequent the treasures of the local Kebab Shop!  Now this sounds much worse than it actually is I promise.  They use the best cuts in chicken, marinated in spices and a little oil and cook on the grill, served with their home made chilli sauce.   It’s our guilty pleasure…

Over at Mrs M’s blog you can see lots more Meal Planning Monday ideas.  Click the logo above and go straight there.

Total Cheat’s Bread – Oat & Marmite Crust

This is my Marmite and Oat Crust bread….  looks fab and tasted fab but I have to admit to being a total cheat…

marmite and oat bread

I was in a rush (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) so headed to the larder for a packet mix, I keep a host of bread packet mixes in case of visitors, as the whole thing is much quicker from dry ingredients to cooked treat than making bread from scratch.

We don’t buy any bought bread at all any more, as I make my own every other day.  We once saw a TV programme about the enhancers in shop bought bread being chicken feathers (YUK!) and have not bought bread since!  Anyway, as I was saying, I decided to rustle up a quick loaf from a packet mix, it was Oat and Linseed Bread (from Wrights).

I’d watched Paul Hollywood the night before making an oat crust bread and thought, hmm… I have oats in the cupboard I could decorate this loaf and make it look ‘home made’  not that I’d ever lie of course!!!  To stick my oats to my uncooked bread I decided to use Marmite, I thinly spread Marmite over my loaf, sprinkled Oats all over the top and patted them on.

After leaving to rise for 30 minutes, then cooking for another 30 the bread was truly scrumptious, the Marmite was a subtle salty hit.

I’m rather a bread making fan so please check my blog regularly for my bread recipes.

Bread Maker Bread

As I gain in confidence with my baking, I’ve ditched the bread maker.  This is the final loaf cooked by machinery…


From now on, its my own fair hands!

I’ve always been a good cook (even though I say so myself!) but baking has, in general, mystified the heck out of me.  I see cooking as an art but baking as a science, I’ve always been better at art!  I love cooking and have a knack for mixing the right flavours to create a good dish each time.

More recently though, I have left a full time job to set up my own business from my little office at home, meaning I get more time in the house and a much better work life balance, so stay with me and watch my journey as I learn to bake better, and share my cooking recipes with you.

Spish is in the Kitchen!


Cooking and baking, making and eating has been my therapy, my solice and my belonging.  I love to cook, ever since I was a child helping my mum or older sister in the kitchen, but working full-time I’d lost my mojo.


It’s back, with fewer hours in the office and a renewed love for proper food, my cooking mojo has returned.

Please check back regularly and see my recipes, snippets, photos and all things foodie!